If you are perfervid about studying in internationally recognized colleges and universities and imagine yourself as a successful worker/student in the future, EIN can help you achieve your educational dreams and turn them into a reality. EIN can assist you in your application preparation, program selection, provide recommendations for visa application and many more.
We strive to give wholehearted personal attention to every single student in a friendly manner. We enjoy our work and give the highest importance to your requirements. We dedicate ourselves to understand your individual needs and provide a special tailored service you may require. We are always in touch and responsive to your queries. We provide the right advice for the right course at the right place at the right time. We help you to discover and recognize your potentials. We are truthful to our words and maintain accountability and integrity. Once we take an assignment, we carry on our work on time and follow correct procedures. With us, you will get services from the best in the industry. We provide accurate, factual and updated information only. We are sensitive to the information you give and maintain strict confidentiality. We cover almost any course you can name and have intakes in every three months for most of the courses –these give students ample choices & better power on making a decision. Compliance to Rules & Regulations is our best strength. We regularly take trainings, follow continuous professional development, observe and practice these. Our student population is from a diverse background, culture, religion, age range, society, and nationality. This has enriched our knowledge and experience hugely. This also gives our students opportunities to share the positives, connect with each other and develop an attitude as a global citizen.

Below is an outline of who we are and why you should choose us:

  • One of the top-rated education consultancy with one of the highest student visa success rates
  • Rapidly growing education consultancy with over 12 years of proven experience
  • Experienced, professional, friendly and dedicated and, ready to assist students starting from their first day of application for admission and program selection to visa application
  • A student-centered approach emphasizing one to one guidance with the aim to meet the needs of individual students
  • Meticulous evaluation of students on various parameters such as academic background, financial stability, future plans, strengths and weaknesses to determine the most conducive options that are in line with their expectations
  • Reliable agency for students who rely solely upon our expertise in counseling, guidance, and recommendations
  • Students and their parents can fully trust us as an ideal partner in students’ academic pursuits that will play an important role in making informed decisions and shaping students’ career in the future.

No obligation for you:

We provide complementary advice on higher education abroad – you are under no obligation to apply through us, you are in full control of your decision. We respect your opinion and are thankful to you for sharing your educational thoughts and spending time with us.