EIN also provides professional and expert immigration advice to students, professionals, skilled workers, and families. We aim to make the transition to Australia as perfectly consistent and coherent and simplified as possible.
Australian immigration legislation can be bewildering for would-be migrants. One is faced with over 100 different kinds of visa to choose from – only one of which is likely to be exactly right for you! Furthermore, many classes of visa are restricted by a quota, which limits the number of people that will be accepted each year.
At EIN advice is only provided by Australian Registered Migration Agents. Our agents are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia and subject to the Code of Conduct.
We assess case carefully and advise to which visa and migration pathway is the most effective for you. We spend most of our time learning about the latest developments in immigration law. We can’t guarantee the grant of any visa, but we do guarantee we’ll help you make better Immigration applications, fight unfair Immigration decisions or hang on to your permanent residence visa status.
If you are planning to apply for immigration, all the info related to Australia you need on visas, jobs, schools, healthcare, insurance, living etc. you can approach us.