Education is a living course that proceeds in all fields of knowledge. It stretches and broadens generically and is comprehended by citizens and communities. Destined by the loyal opinion that education-related services should be totally under the direction and charge of academic pros, a team of esteemed, and experienced specialists from different national and international backgrounds have come together to establish the EIN.
Education & Immigration Network (EIN) Pvt Ltd. is a transnational Education and Immigration consultative company working since 2006 in Pakistan. Since its inception, EIN is working intimately with various global educational institutions and registered migrant agents. So, we deliver everything from student profiling to selecting the right foreign destination and the right course, ensuring thorough application review and submission, based on our strict standards-driven process. EIN has been successfully assisting students/migration applicants in processing a large number of applications for Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, UK, USA, and other international destinations. EIN also provides professional and expert immigration advice to students, professionals, skilled workers, and families.
Because of the crowd number of educational consultancies, students and guardians have often been ill-conceived and perhaps wandered in the name of study abroad. Believing such organizations, clients not only lose their precious time, but they also lose a huge amount of money and effort in such a process and become a factor of trust deficit.
Our principle intention is to produce capable students equipped with a sound basis of counseling for their experiences abroad and future career prospects. We inspire each student to be a responsible member of society who will bring back some portion of the rewards to home that they have reaped from their endeavors in developed societies.
Additionally, I want to articulate especially to parents that your children are in safe hands and will certainly lead a great future ahead. Moreover, showing them the right path of their future career is the hidden interest that we have always desired. Undoubtedly, our activities fall under business but with strong ethics and competitive strengths, what we are doing for your future will ultimately make you love our services.
I am very thankful to all those who continue to support us in our mission. I once again thank you for believing in us and giving us the chance to serve you.

Best Regards,
Usman Akhter