Company Name:

Education & Immigration Network (EIN)

Business Type:

Education and Immigration Consultancy

Legal Status:

Private Limited Company, under the Companies Ordinance 1984

Corporate Universal Identity Number:

0070950 (Pakistan)

Registered in Perth, Western Australia:

ABN 85629943606 (Australia)


Education & Immigration Network (EIN) Pvt Ltd. is a transnational Education and Immigration consultative company working since 2006 in Pakistan, having its international office in Australia under the ABN 85629943606. Since its inception, EIN is working intimately with various global educational institutions and registered migrant agents. So, we deliver everything from student profiling to selecting the right foreign destination and the right course, ensuring thorough application review and submission, based on our strict standards-driven process. EIN has been successfully assisting students/migration applicants in processing a large number of applications for Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, UK, USA, and other international destinations.
EIN empowering the Hub International represents, reputed and well-researched universities/institutes worldwide. We assist students in selecting just the right institution with respect to ranking, location, courses offered, fees structure, the scope of post-study work opportunities etc.


To coin and sustain an identity of a testimonial at a global level in the fields of education and immigration consultancy.


To provide a goal-driven and service-oriented assistance to our clients.


To take pride in, praise, promote and support all that is excellent in our clients.