Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and if you do not understand anything or need further clarification, either contact us or take professional advice. We request you to print, sign, and date and give us a copy along with your application and documents.

About the submission of genuine documents after understanding international student’s law, rules and regulations of the institute and the country applied for by the student.

I hereby solemnly and sincerely declare:

That all my documents like Mark-sheets, Transcripts, Certificates, Bank Statements, Income-tax return papers etc. submitted/used for my student application are genuine.
I state under the oath that all the documents are genuine and have been procured from the sources directly by me from respective boards, college, institutes, school or university.
I am solemnly responsible and ready to face the consequences for my incorrect or fraudulent information if found any. I am answerable to any of the queries regarding all the documents submitted by me.
I have understood all the information provided to me by the representative of the school, college or university abroad and have verified it by myself through the official website of the respective institute, country, and its laws.
I understand that the overseas institute’s representative in Pakistan is only a facilitator who facilitates/guides for the admission procedure.
I have understood the refund policy of the tuition fees by the institute I am applying to. I agree on the refund policy terms and I understand to make all the school/college/institute’s tuition fees transferred directly to overseas to the organization I am applying to.
I understand that the representative in Pakistan is not responsible for the refund of any tuition fees paid to the school, college or institute I have applied to. I also agree & understand the service charges against my admission/application process, these charges are non-refundable as it is against the service been provided to me for my admission process for my selected course & university/school/institute.
The course, institute, and the country selection is purely my responsibility and after understanding everything I myself have taken the decision to apply for the admission at the institute and have submitted the visa application for the same to the country’s consulate, high commission or embassy.
I understand that there will not be any Refund of Tuition fee once the Student Visa is granted to me and I will not change the institute till my course completion without the written permission from the college, university or institute I have applied to after landing in the selected country I have applied for.
I agree & confirm that my representative helps me with only my admission process & holds no responsibility of getting me to work at foreign country /stay back at foreign country/lodging at foreign country/ travel etc once the visa has been granted. I also confirm that my representative does not hold any responsibility for my acts after I get Visa/ I reach to the chosen country.
I fully authorize my representative to use my visa details and photograph if they want to do the marketing/advertisement and state that they will not need to take any further permission form me or from my family in Pakistan.

Applicant Name:
Date of Birth:
Passport Number:
Complete Address: ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
Applicant’s Signature with a (Right Hand) Thumb Impression: